BioFresh™ represents the laboratory division of Healthy Pet®, the global leader in premium small animal bedding with over 20 years cellulose bedding manufacturing experience. Healthy Pet® (formerly Absorption Corp) has been a long time leader and innovator in the enrichment bedding market. The company formerly marketed their lab products through the CareFRESH® lab bedding brand and is now transitioning to the new BioFresh™ brand. BioFresh™ brand small animal products are specifically designed for the research laboratory and the care of laboratory animals. Our products appeal to laboratory animal caregivers and researchers because they are manufactured under strict controls and help minimize research study variables, while at the same time providing the best animal care. The products also appeal to lab management because they are safe and cost-effective. Overall, BioFresh™ products are efficacious, precise, safe and environmentally-friendly.